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Cal 1 Card Purpose

The Cal 1 Card – UC Berkeley's official photo ID card – was designed to provide a standardized and secure medium via which active members of the campus community identify their affiliation and their respective eligibility for access to applicable campus services, benefits, and facilities.

The Cal 1 Card is the property of the University of California at Berkeley and may be required by campus representatives for verification purposes. Eligible cardholders (i.e. registered students and active employees / affiliates) should be prepared to provide their Cal 1 Card for proper identification while on campus.

The Cal 1 Card system does not originate data (i.e. account numbers, employment type, registration status, etc.) – all data for students, employees, and eligible affiliates is received from authoritative data repositories (i.e. Campus Solutions and UC Path).

Some of the primary benefits afforded by use of the Cal 1 Card include access to Cal Athletics sporting events, the Recreational Sports Facility (RSF) locations / services with a membership, free ridership on campus shuttles, access to Berkeley Dining meal plans, and use of Cal 1 Card debit fund balances to pay for goods / services at the campus libraries, the campus bookstore, and many other Cal 1 Card merchant locations – including via Grubhub.

Debit Account

Every cardholder has access to a declining balance debit account via the Cal 1 Card with no minimum balance requirements, overdraft penalties, per transaction charges, or usage / maintenance fees!

By adding money into a Cal 1 Card debit account, cardholders are able to pay for printing services at campus libraries and computing centers, prescriptions and health services fees at the Tang Center, books and materials at the campus bookstore, and goods/services at participating Cal 1 Card merchant locations – including via Grubhub.

Online deposits can be made using a credit card and are immediately available for use. Please note that the Cal 1 Card Debit Account is separate from Berkeley Dining meal plans and Flex Dollars.

Terms and Conditions

Read the Terms and Conditions that govern use of the Cal 1 Card and the associated debit plan.